People have varying hand writings and while some look basic or disoriented, there are others that seem like an art. Calligraphy writing stands out because of the different letter forms. This is not something that you just do it, it takes time to learn and master the art. There are rules that will guide you.

Observe and Practice Writing the Letters

It is only through consistency that you can perfect the art of calligraphy writing. One important thing is to observe how professional calligraphers do it. It helps in learning how to form letters as there is width, serifs, height, branching and slants that are a must if the handwriting is to turn out perfectly.

Learn to Write the Letters

Once you have observed how letters are formed, the first thing to learn is how to hold the pen as there is a specific angle that is recommended. The amount of ink you put on the nib, the kind of ink you use, the spacing and how you hold the pen plays a significant role in the end result. This is a must learn if you are to become a professional calligrapher.


Practice the Strokes

To become proficient, its crucial you focus on strokes. Calligraphy letters are not made of a single stroke but multiple of them which you must practice. The best way is to focus on every part of each letter. The thick and the thin parts should be paid attention to. It’s the letters that make up a word and eventually a sentence or paragraph. When every letter has the correct strokes, the writing will turn out as it should.


Work with Master Calligraphers

It helps to work with someone who has the skills and has been practicing. This is because they know how to form each letter of the alphabet, they know the angle of holding the pen and they know where to press hardly and where not to. They are also aware of the amount of ink to put on the nib so that the handwriting is as clear and neat as possible.


Why Does the Angle-Holding Pen Matter?

Perhaps you are wondering why the pen handling angle matters! The pen that is used gives you options in the size that you want to use considering how thick and thin you want the letters to be. It defines how well the handwriting will turn out to be.

Digital art has been on the rise in the recent past due to technological advancements. Traditional art is gradually being changed into digital and it’s unbelievable how artists have transformed this sector. Creativity can be seen more with the application of technology.

What is Digital Art?
This involves using digital technology to do art in a creative way and present it. Some of the digital artistic practices today include; digital installation art, net art and virtual reality while artistic activities are such as drawing and painting. Simply the artwork is completed through computer processes. One way that experts have seen the increase of digital art in the modern world is through development of different software.

How has Digital Artwork Revolutionized Traditional Art?
Art lovers visiting art galleries and exhibitions has been the only way that people could appreciate art work before technology. With technology and internet specifically, artists can now promote their artwork and get attention far and wide. They will not be limited to visitors who walk in to exhibitions. Whether an artist deals with sculptures, wall paintings or art work in general, digital art has become quite helpful.

How are Digital Artists Making Money?
Digital art is not all about displaying artwork online. Artists need to have an income and they are taking advantage of technology to do so. They create their work, customize designs for clients and sell the works online. Art lovers also swipe their cards or add coins when they need to view some artwork.

What Software do Digital Artists use?
To make their work more impressive, digital artists have a range of software and applications to choose from. Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Graphite, Affinity Designer, Krita, ArtRange 5 and Medibang Paint Pro are just some of the software that digital artists use.

Why should Artists use Technology?
There are a myriad of reasons an artist should use technology besides showcasing their work and making money. As an artist, you can travel in a wholly different path with your creativity. You can do the unimaginable and empower your ideas.

You may have seen a photo that looked so real on the internet that you wondered how it was created. This is one significant improvement that has been seen by traditional artists too. Technology has made this possible and artists are bringing their creativity to life. They are using technology to create 3D images. Digital art has made it possible for artists to showcase their talents, express themselves and make money while at it.

Art is beautiful. It makes a house or an office appealing. You can draw inspiration from artwork. One secret about getting the best art is to know what you are looking for and how to get it. Before you purchase the art, it is important that you do enough research.

To purchase art and many other collectible items check out auctions Perth.

Although you can purchase art online, it is good to go to a physical shop to be sure you are getting value for money. If you do not know what to look for in a piece of art, it is easy to get misrepresented pieces.

Things to Do

There are various things that you can do to protect yourself when buying art. Good artwork is expensive thus you have to invest your money wisely.

  • Check on specialist databases: Due to the high prices and value of original art, they are vulnerable to theft. You would not like to have problems with the authorities for holding stolen art pieces. To avoid this, you can check on specific databases whether the artwork is registered as stolen.
  • Ask about the return policy: There are art galleries that indicate “goods once sold cannot be returned” on their receipts. You might overlook some things at the store and by the time you get home, you are not satisfied with your purchase. For this, consider asking about their policies including customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Ask for details: When you walk in to an art gallery, you do not just buy an artwork because it appeals to you. No matter how much you fall in love with it, you need to have the details. Ask all the related questions that you have.
  • Consider the provenance: The history of the artwork that you plan to buy is as important as the purchase itself. When you get the unbroken chain of ownership which is possible with legit artwork, you will know that you have not only gotten value for money, but you also have something legit.

Factors to Consider

Before buying a piece of art, you need to have an idea of what you want. Is it for decorations or is it just an investment that you plan to dispose later in life? As you decide why you want the artwork, it is important that you consider how much you are willing to pay for it.

Some pieces will cost an arm and a leg while others are affordable. Some of the other factors to consider are the size of the artwork and where to purchase it from.

We see art in our everyday lives. I have come to the fact that art can be seen everywhere around us. In buildings, houses, on our walls, on streets, even on our bodies, art is around us. And there is one factor that keeps art as it is, as it’s beautiful and imaginative form. And that is the creativity of the artist.

Without it, the artworks would be lifeless and without a soul created by the artist. The beauty and magnificence of the masterpiece made by imperfect hands would be a great emptiness. It would be dull. So why is creativity important? Here are some reasons why creativity is significant in the making of art.

It is Giving Art Beauty

Without creativity from our imagination art would be dull. The beauty or artistry of the work comes from imaginative minds that create pieces that are full of life. From nature to technological themes, the works give us a very stunning output that no one can copy. It might be an imperfect creation, but that is because it is worked by flawed hands. Yet those hands are filled with passion and a soul that gives life to the artwork.

It is Giving Art a Soul

As I’ve said in the first reason, there is a passion within the artist and a soul that gives life to it. The Creativity of the artist from their mind gives soul to their works attracting and influencing people. They become their patron or fans and buy many artworks because they can see and feel the passion of the artist.

They can also see their hard work from the how they see it is made. Truly, an artist is relevant to the world because they work their heart out filling their art pieces with love and dedication.

It is Giving Art Life

This world is filled with life and what form that helps it with its liveliness is the Arts. And Art is made with creativity. From the minds of the artist it is given life by the artist through their artwork in different forms. These are art forms like Visual Arts, Designs, Music, etc. Music, for example, gives life to this world by filling it with wonderful sounds that are good to hear.

It also feeds the soul-filling it with different kinds of emotions. In Designs, it gives is a solid form filling the world with shelter, clothing and more. Visual Arts are the one that fills us with different decorations and beauty inside different things created by the Designs.

It is Giving Art a Reason to be in this World

Many people think that the field of Art is worthless. But as I am proud to say that Art is an important industry here in our world. One thing is that it gives the artist a purpose. Many artists are people who have gone through so many hardships in life. Through their art, they have coped with it.

Artist is not worthless people, they are filled with passion, a drive that gives them their creative juices. And when their imagination works, their creativity is shown in their masterpieces that give life to this world. Art gives joy. Art gives happiness. And creativity fuels all this in different forms. That is why creativity gives art a reason to be here.

There are many reasons why creativity is an important thing in art making. You can think of many different things aside from this. I know you would. But for me, this is the things that give it importance. Art is beautiful. It is a magnificent industry here in our world. Let us promote it and be more aware that it is also relevant here in our society.

As a blooming artist, what’s on your mind is how you can sell your artworks. It might be a painting, a craft work or a sculpture. It’s not easy selling art if you’re just a newbie especially if you don’t have connections. Most people get to have a good business on artworks because of their great fan base and connection of people. Not only that, you have promoted your art manually for you to have an audience. Here in this article are some effective ideas on how people can buy your art.

Do Commissions

Start from small. Do raffles or commissions on that you can create art with so that people will know more about your artwork. In this way not only are you promoting your work but you are also having money from your art. Most artists’ businesses in the art world start from this small act. I know this is true since I’ve started from this simple act as well.

Post on Social Media

Social media networks can help you promote your art because of its connections. If you have many friends on your account they can share your post and many might be interested in buying it. This way you can promote and earn money at the same time. It’s not easy at first coz you are just starting and most have their skills rough in the beginning but as you continue to do your work as an artist you can see that all your efforts are rewarded because many patronize your work and buy them.

Create an Art for a Specific Audience

This is one effective idea on how to make people buy your art. Trying to make art for a specific audience molds your expertise. And if you cater to a particular audience, you can be well known to them and they can recommend you to their families, friends, and acquaintances. It’s doing what you love and molding it at the same time.

Make Art Worth Buying

Artists create art with passion. And with this, they give their best in all of their works. You have to create art pieces with a passion so that it can be worth it showing the clients an expert’s work. The detail, the choice of medium, the texture and the color that is superior gives a worthy to buy artwork.

Try Putting your Art in Galleries

There are places where galleries, where you can put your artworks, can be found. Try putting your art in galleries for people to see. Many art patrons go to art exhibits in galleries and buy marvelous paintings, craft works and more. Try it and see if your art will stand above the others.

These are the things that you can do to make people buy your work. It may take time but in the end, if your work is bought, it is worth the wait. Have faith and believe that you can achieve your goals. Your art is a great piece of work.


Many newbie visual artist is having a hard in selling their artworks. They don’t know how to catch their viewer's attention. Especially in promoting their masterpieces to fans of different kinds of art. There are many ways to make yourself known in the world of art. Sometimes you just need to have patience.

There is an artist who is really good at their art that they easily get fans. There is also that artist who skilled yet continue to search for the right audience to buy their artworks. Here, I’ll give you tips that will help you promote your art.

Make Accounts in Art Selling Websites

What you need to do first is to find a place where you can sell your art. There are many websites on the internet that sell great artworks. All you need to do is Google it and the search engine will give you different outputs about the sites. Examples are Deviant Art, Pixiv, Red Bubble and more. Try out different art websites and see where your art will sell best.

Try Making your Own Art Website

There are many hosting websites that can help you create your own site for your artworks. You just have to find the right one for you. Google hosting sites as well for you to see which of those are good hosting websites especially those that are free. The example for hosting sites would be Wix. This is one of the commonly used sites on the internet.

You can choose the layout of your site from different formats and post your works there. You can also put links for them to see your accounts in different art websites. This way more people will view your art pieces in your art selling website and at the same time, they will know more about you as an artist. Put a biography or summary about yourself as an artist.

Share Your Art in Social Media

In order to promote your artworks, you need to have ads or you should post something about it. You can use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Try making a page on Facebook and post your best works on your timeline.

Try advertising it using your page. Share your page on your personal account or invite your friends to like it. When your art catches the attention of one of your friends, she will share your post or even buy your artwork. This way many can see it and plenty of people might get interested in buying your work.

Try Doing Commissions

In doing commissions, you are also promoting your art bit by bit. This will also help you get better in your art as you will be practicing it. Start by a low price until your skill is good enough to have the right price for your artworks. This way you're not only promoting but selling at the same time.

All you have to do is try these four tips and see how your artwork flourish and sell on the world wide web. You might be a newbie, but I know you have the talent to reach your dreams. Believe in yourself. Continue to practice your skills and talent for you to be the best artist that you can be.

We’re heavily influenced by our surroundings. When you’re a creative, it would be understandable if you find your inspiration sucked out after being stuck in your bedroom all day. That’s why we take walks in the park, we go look at art in museums, or browse shelves in bookstores just for the heck of it.

But what if we can turn our bedrooms into parks, museums, and bookstores? Our bedrooms – our houses, in general – are basically blank canvasses that we can paint on to make them unique and inspiring.

Here are some ways that you can do that:

Be creative with colors

Don’t be afraid of using colors, but be wary of how they mix. Find out what color would go great with your bed, for example, and keep that in mind the next time you buy new sheets. Buy frames that would complement the mint green of your living room walls. Decorate your home with an array of colors so that your every waking moment in it is a moment of harmonious beauty.

Keep things comfy

While you might get tempted buying that artsy and abstract couch you saw online, It’s best that you make sure that it’s comfy first. While it may be nice to look at, furniture that gives you back aches might become an eyesore over time.

Rearrange your workspace constantly

If you’re a writer like I am, you probably sit at the same desk for hours on end. Aside from the screen of your laptop, the top of your desk is where you end up staring at the most. To keep things interesting, always change the stuff that you have there.

Place the books that you’re reading at the moment or the paintings, sculptures, or photos of loved ones that have been giving you inspiration and joy at the moment. Feel free to change them up anytime you feel like it. That way, it feels like a different desk every time you sit down to get to work.

Mismatch to your heart’s desire

There are no rules when it comes to creativity, so try not to make your home look too formal. Use different chairs for your dining table, pair differently shaped knives with differently shaped forks, and so on. This will not only make for a quirky feature, but it will also exercise your mind to finding unlikely pairs that work.

Travel the world

Does a certain place give you creative inspiration like no other place can? Is there somewhere that you call your home away from home? While nothing beats actually being in that certain place, it’s also possible to bring that place to where you live.

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with the minimalism of Japan. Study the way the Japanese design their living spaces and apply that to your own. That way, you’ll be traveling the world without even having to change from your boxers.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment

After all is said and done, know that you don’t have to settle for one look right away. You can experiment as much as you can until you find the look that best suits your style. Also, keep in mind that you also change and grow as years go by. You won’t allow your creativity to grow if your bedroom is the same as it was ten years ago.

Are you constantly finding it challenging to come up with new creative ideas for your line of work? Problem solved - Take the dog for a walk and use this time to be inspired by Nature. Don't have a dog? Provide a dog walking service and use other people's dogs to help boost your creativity. Plus you get paid for providing the service, so essentially the dog's owner is paying for you to be creative! How awesome is that?

Getting out doors is great for boosting creativity. The fresh air and natural sun light help bring you back to Nature. Take off your shoes and allow your feet to really connect with the earth and get grounded. Doing just this is very beneficial for us humans on so many levels. Then when you add a living animal such as a dog into the experience your whole perspective on your outside walk can dramatically change. 

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and as such as always smelling there way around new and old areas. Just by watching them you can see what smells interest them and where the scent leads them. Of course most of the time they are smelling other dogs who may have marked their territory or at least have said they were there. Other times they may be smelling where that delicious food smell is coming from. Either way you get to see the park or nature reserve through a different set of eyes, or nose at least.

As you let your dog run and be active off the leash then too you can take in your surrounding. What are the others in the park doing, what is happening in your neighbourhood? What's going on in the sky? Just don't get lost in the clouds too much!

The good thing about associating your outdoor creative time with a dog is that a dog always needs a walk to get more exercise. As humans we often become lazy and will avoid going outside or getting the regular exercise we need. However when it is for a beloved animal, or part of paying job, we have more inclination to carry out the task. As as a result you get your creative time.

So go on get creative by taking the dog for a walk and make it part of your daily routine.

The best way to describe different art forms is the saying “True Art is in the eye of the Beholder”. There’s many reasons why not everyone likes art, or a specific form of art.  Every person is individual and has different kind of taste and preferences. Some like the modern art, while other likes the more old fashion art like paintings that make sense. Here’s some different reasons why not everyone likes all the art forms, and why the saying true art is in the Eye of the Beholder is really true when it comes to art.

Don’t Understand Modern Art

When we’re talking about modern art, we are talking here about paintings that’s abstract and not a “plain” picture like most of us knows.  Modern art is also sculptures that doesn’t really make sense and that not everyone understands.

If you don’t understand contemporary art, you really won’t understand the art form and you will not want to buy the art. There’s even people that saying that these modern art forms are way too expensive to be bought. This is just because they don’t understand the art, or see the deeper meaning of the art.


With graffiti, we don’t talk about the people that just writing all kinds of trash on the walls of towns and cities. We’re talking here from real graffiti, paintings that’s done on the walls that took a long time to get done, and with the approval of the people around them.

When it comes to graffiti, there’s so many people that’s saying that this isn’t an art form, this is just someone that was just painting on walls, and making a mess. But, for the one that did the graffiti, this is really a great art form. Not everyone appreciates this kind of art form, and not everyone allows this kind of art form in towns.

Don’t Realize the Time Spent

It is just the artists themselves that really know the time that was putting into making the art. For the everyday person, like you and me, don’t really realize how long it really takes an artist to make any creation. This is why some art is so expensive. There’s some kind of art forms that take months to get done. Months of blood, sweat and tears. Even, if it looks like the art was done is just a few hours. No real art, is done in just hours.

It is just those people that really understand where the art is coming from and who understands the deeper meaning of art, that really appreciate these art. 

When we’re looking at art, we don’t always see the real meaning. You even might just see a bunch of color and stripes. However, the artist sees a deeper meaning. Normally, the people that know art, especially modern art, see the deeper meaning of the art. This is why art is just beautiful and appreciate by some people and why true art is in the eye of the Beholder.

Every artist knows that there’s something like artistic blocks and boundaries. And, that it can be hard to overcome these problems when you want to be creative. People that don’t know anything about art, doesn’t think that artistic block does really exist, but it can be a real problem for an artist. Here’s some great ways of getting over your artistic blocks and boundaries, when you need to start working.

Set a routine for yourself

Routine is important for everyone, but it’s more important for an artist. Creating and sticking to a routine will ensure that you get to work on creating art. A routine is very important to every artist, no matter if you are writing, paining or even sculpting.

To have a routine for artistic block was studied and proven to work. The study proves that having a routine, doesn’t only make sure that you’re getting to work, but also improves your creativity and help you to form new creative ideas.


This might sound stupid, but an artist is allowed to daydream. It’s even recommended that an artist just sat in a calm and relaxed environment and daydream.  The best art is created by an artist that knows how to daydream and create unique ideas in their heads. 

This will make sure that you don’t struggle with artistic blocks and boundaries. Artists that’s just on the go all the time, and forgot to get back to daydream, are normally the artist that’s struggle to start being creative again, and to create great pieces of art.

The best way to daydream is to find you a spot that’s quiet and peaceful. Then, you’re just thinking, daydreaming about what you can create and thinking about life in general. It’s important not to think about any negative thoughts, because this might be the reason why you struggle to daydream in the first place. We tend to let our problems and worries run our lives and our minds. 

Going for a walk

If you need to start with the project and you’re just getting nowhere, then going for a walk, thinking about something completely different may just do the trick. Sometimes, artist is over thinking an idea, and this can lead to artistic block. Going for a walk thinking about something different, and just relaxing, might be your answer.

When you’re back from your walk, get back to work, and you will see that this exercise did do the trick, and you’re focused again.

Go to a new place

Sometimes we are so used to the place where we work every day, which we forgot about places that’s really beautiful and inspirational. If you’re struggling to find some new inspiration, then it’s time to find new places where you will get some inspiration. 

Every person has its own way of getting inspiration for creating art, but it is important to always look for new inspiration and going to a new place, you might just find what you were looking for.

Struggling with artistic block or boundaries can be frustrating. Especially, if the artist is working under pressure and can’t create the art that they really hoped for. With these tips, you will be able to get back to work and start being creative again. With some guidance and tips, any artist can get over their artistic block and boundaries, and create the best possible art pieces.

Being creativeWe’re living in the modern world, with all the new technology that we can use, to create some creative art pieces. With our modern world, we have everything that we need, and even more, to be able to make the best art pieces that you can imagine. To be creative, you don’t need to just paint and sculpt anymore. To be creative, you can use any form, and use any technology to create some great art. Here some different ways that you can be creative in our modern world, without just painting and sculpting.


Prints are a two dimensional art forms created by an impression that’s all about transferring from one surface to another surface.  This kind of art form might be around for years, but with our new technology, you can make prints in many different ways. There’s now many different techniques that you can use, to make a print. Here’s some of the techniques that you can use, now in our modern world:

  • Engraving
  • Etching
  • Mezzotint
  • Aquatin,
  • Drypoint


Another great way of using the modern world to be creative, is with taking and making great photographs. In the older days, you need to be an expert photographer to be able to be creative in taking photos. Nowadays, you just need to have a camera and a great program for your tablet or PC, to be able to edit and making your photograph into great art that looks professional. 

In the older days, you needed to have a state of the art camera, with lots of different lenses to be able to take great photos. With all our new technology, you can even create some of the best photos from taking photos from your phone and some creativity. Now, everyone has a great smartphone with a camera that can be used to take photographs that can blow your mind.

Digital art

Just a few years ago, this kind of art form wasn’t available. No one would be able to create digital art, because there wasn’t the technology that there’s today.  With digital art, you can create almost anything, using just your computer and some great software and programs.

For example, you can take a simple picture and transform it into the best piece of art, with your computer. Most people using this art form for advertising, and making great looking websites that are attracting many viewers and potential clients. 

With digital art, you don’t even need to be creative or have a talent for creating any art. You just need to know how to use the specific program and knows all the secrets behind creating digital art. Digital art, is improving and getting more advanced by the day. The better the technology, the more advanced the digital art is becoming. 

We don’t always think of art becoming more advanced as our world is getting more modern and technology is improving. When we think about art, we still think about the older art forms like normal paintings and scalping’s, and tend to forget about the modern photographs, digital art and even the modern ways of making prints. All these new art forms are because of being creative in the modern world we’re living today.

Staring an art collection is no easy business. In order for you to buy and inspiring artwork, you are going to have to do some research and ask a couple of questions here and there.

If you are not armed all the information you need before buying an art, you may end up making a regrettable mistake or arrive at a mistaking conclusion.

Picking just any artwork for your collection is certainly not a good idea. You basically have to fall in love with an artwork before making a purchase.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should consider before buying an artwork. Applying the tips that will be listed in this article, we increase the odds of you buying an artwork that will inspire many.

Physical attraction

You need to have some sort of connection with an art before you purchase it. You have to fall in love with it. Purchasing an artwork that you have zero connection with is a bad idea and you are going to regret it in the long run.

You budget

This is another important thing you need to consider before even heading to the gallery where you are going to make a purchase. When planning your budget, there are certain things you should put into consideration. Things like the shipping, installation and mounting fees.  Putting these into consideration will better help you to anticipate the amount of money you are going to need to purchase an artwork.

One thing you should never do is to spend above your budget when purchasing an artwork. It is not a bad idea to ask for a discount from the gallery you are purchasing the artwork from. If you are really passionate about some artwork, their sellers may offer you a payment plan.


Before buying an artwork, it is critical that you do a lot of research, so as to determine if the piece you plan to purchase is legit. It is also important that you visit the site of the artist so that you can get to know a thing or two about him or her. If you can, create time to meet with the artist of the work you want to purchase.

Final note

Purchasing an inspiring artwork is never easy. But if you apply the tips in this article, you will have a better chance of buying an inspiring artwork within your budget range.