This is Art

Creative Advice for Modern Artists

We’re heavily influenced by our surroundings. When you’re a creative, it would be understandable if you find your inspiration sucked out after being stuck in your bedroom all day. That’s why we take walks in the park, we go look at art in museums, or browse shelves in bookstores just for the heck of it.

But what if we can turn our bedrooms into parks, museums, and bookstores? Our bedrooms – our houses, in general – are basically blank canvasses that we can paint on to make them unique and inspiring.

Here are some ways that you can do that:

Be creative with colors

Don’t be afraid of using colors, but be wary of how they mix. Find out what color would go great with your bed, for example, and keep that in mind the next time you buy new sheets. Buy frames that would complement the mint green of your living room walls. Decorate your home with an array of colors so that your every waking moment in it is a moment of harmonious beauty.

Keep things comfy

While you might get tempted buying that artsy and abstract couch you saw online, It’s best that you make sure that it’s comfy first. While it may be nice to look at, furniture that gives you back aches might become an eyesore over time.

Rearrange your workspace constantly

If you’re a writer like I am, you probably sit at the same desk for hours on end. Aside from the screen of your laptop, the top of your desk is where you end up staring at the most. To keep things interesting, always change the stuff that you have there.

Place the books that you’re reading at the moment or the paintings, sculptures, or photos of loved ones that have been giving you inspiration and joy at the moment. Feel free to change them up anytime you feel like it. That way, it feels like a different desk every time you sit down to get to work.

Mismatch to your heart’s desire

There are no rules when it comes to creativity, so try not to make your home look too formal. Use different chairs for your dining table, pair differently shaped knives with differently shaped forks, and so on. This will not only make for a quirky feature, but it will also exercise your mind to finding unlikely pairs that work.

Travel the world

Does a certain place give you creative inspiration like no other place can? Is there somewhere that you call your home away from home? While nothing beats actually being in that certain place, it’s also possible to bring that place to where you live.

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with the minimalism of Japan. Study the way the Japanese design their living spaces and apply that to your own. That way, you’ll be traveling the world without even having to change from your boxers.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment

After all is said and done, know that you don’t have to settle for one look right away. You can experiment as much as you can until you find the look that best suits your style. Also, keep in mind that you also change and grow as years go by. You won’t allow your creativity to grow if your bedroom is the same as it was ten years ago.

Are you constantly finding it challenging to come up with new creative ideas for your line of work? Problem solved - Take the dog for a walk and use this time to be inspired by Nature. Don't have a dog? Provide a dog walking service and use other people's dogs to help boost your creativity. Plus you get paid for providing the service, so essentially the dog's owner is paying for you to be creative! How awesome is that?

Getting out doors is great for boosting creativity. The fresh air and natural sun light help bring you back to Nature. Take off your shoes and allow your feet to really connect with the earth and get grounded. Doing just this is very beneficial for us humans on so many levels. Then when you add a living animal such as a dog into the experience your whole perspective on your outside walk can dramatically change. 

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and as such as always smelling there way around new and old areas. Just by watching them you can see what smells interest them and where the scent leads them. Of course most of the time they are smelling other dogs who may have marked their territory or at least have said they were there. Other times they may be smelling where that delicious food smell is coming from. Either way you get to see the park or nature reserve through a different set of eyes, or nose at least.

As you let your dog run and be active off the leash then too you can take in your surrounding. What are the others in the park doing, what is happening in your neighbourhood? What's going on in the sky? Just don't get lost in the clouds too much!

The good thing about associating your outdoor creative time with a dog is that a dog always needs a walk to get more exercise. As humans we often become lazy and will avoid going outside or getting the regular exercise we need. However when it is for a beloved animal, or part of paying job, we have more inclination to carry out the task. As as a result you get your creative time.

So go on get creative by taking the dog for a walk and make it part of your daily routine.

The best way to describe different art forms is the saying “True Art is in the eye of the Beholder”. There’s many reasons why not everyone likes art, or a specific form of art.  Every person is individual and has different kind of taste and preferences. Some like the modern art, while other likes the more old fashion art like paintings that make sense. Here’s some different reasons why not everyone likes all the art forms, and why the saying true art is in the Eye of the Beholder is really true when it comes to art.

Don’t Understand Modern Art

When we’re talking about modern art, we are talking here about paintings that’s abstract and not a “plain” picture like most of us knows.  Modern art is also sculptures that doesn’t really make sense and that not everyone understands.

If you don’t understand contemporary art, you really won’t understand the art form and you will not want to buy the art. There’s even people that saying that these modern art forms are way too expensive to be bought. This is just because they don’t understand the art, or see the deeper meaning of the art.


With graffiti, we don’t talk about the people that just writing all kinds of trash on the walls of towns and cities. We’re talking here from real graffiti, paintings that’s done on the walls that took a long time to get done, and with the approval of the people around them.

When it comes to graffiti, there’s so many people that’s saying that this isn’t an art form, this is just someone that was just painting on walls, and making a mess. But, for the one that did the graffiti, this is really a great art form. Not everyone appreciates this kind of art form, and not everyone allows this kind of art form in towns.

Don’t Realize the Time Spent

It is just the artists themselves that really know the time that was putting into making the art. For the everyday person, like you and me, don’t really realize how long it really takes an artist to make any creation. This is why some art is so expensive. There’s some kind of art forms that take months to get done. Months of blood, sweat and tears. Even, if it looks like the art was done is just a few hours. No real art, is done in just hours.

It is just those people that really understand where the art is coming from and who understands the deeper meaning of art, that really appreciate these art. 

When we’re looking at art, we don’t always see the real meaning. You even might just see a bunch of color and stripes. However, the artist sees a deeper meaning. Normally, the people that know art, especially modern art, see the deeper meaning of the art. This is why art is just beautiful and appreciate by some people and why true art is in the eye of the Beholder.

Every artist knows that there’s something like artistic blocks and boundaries. And, that it can be hard to overcome these problems when you want to be creative. People that don’t know anything about art, doesn’t think that artistic block does really exist, but it can be a real problem for an artist. Here’s some great ways of getting over your artistic blocks and boundaries, when you need to start working.

Set a routine for yourself

Routine is important for everyone, but it’s more important for an artist. Creating and sticking to a routine will ensure that you get to work on creating art. A routine is very important to every artist, no matter if you are writing, paining or even sculpting.

To have a routine for artistic block was studied and proven to work. The study proves that having a routine, doesn’t only make sure that you’re getting to work, but also improves your creativity and help you to form new creative ideas.


This might sound stupid, but an artist is allowed to daydream. It’s even recommended that an artist just sat in a calm and relaxed environment and daydream.  The best art is created by an artist that knows how to daydream and create unique ideas in their heads. 

This will make sure that you don’t struggle with artistic blocks and boundaries. Artists that’s just on the go all the time, and forgot to get back to daydream, are normally the artist that’s struggle to start being creative again, and to create great pieces of art.

The best way to daydream is to find you a spot that’s quiet and peaceful. Then, you’re just thinking, daydreaming about what you can create and thinking about life in general. It’s important not to think about any negative thoughts, because this might be the reason why you struggle to daydream in the first place. We tend to let our problems and worries run our lives and our minds. 

Going for a walk

If you need to start with the project and you’re just getting nowhere, then going for a walk, thinking about something completely different may just do the trick. Sometimes, artist is over thinking an idea, and this can lead to artistic block. Going for a walk thinking about something different, and just relaxing, might be your answer.

When you’re back from your walk, get back to work, and you will see that this exercise did do the trick, and you’re focused again.

Go to a new place

Sometimes we are so used to the place where we work every day, which we forgot about places that’s really beautiful and inspirational. If you’re struggling to find some new inspiration, then it’s time to find new places where you will get some inspiration. 

Every person has its own way of getting inspiration for creating art, but it is important to always look for new inspiration and going to a new place, you might just find what you were looking for.

Struggling with artistic block or boundaries can be frustrating. Especially, if the artist is working under pressure and can’t create the art that they really hoped for. With these tips, you will be able to get back to work and start being creative again. With some guidance and tips, any artist can get over their artistic block and boundaries, and create the best possible art pieces.