Creativity in the Modern World

Being creativeWe’re living in the modern world, with all the new technology that we can use, to create some creative art pieces. With our modern world, we have everything that we need, and even more, to be able to make the best art pieces that you can imagine. To be creative, you don’t need to just paint and sculpt anymore. To be creative, you can use any form, and use any technology to create some great art. Here some different ways that you can be creative in our modern world, without just painting and sculpting.


Prints are a two dimensional art forms created by an impression that’s all about transferring from one surface to another surface.  This kind of art form might be around for years, but with our new technology, you can make prints in many different ways. There’s now many different techniques that you can use, to make a print. Here’s some of the techniques that you can use, now in our modern world:

  • Engraving
  • Etching
  • Mezzotint
  • Aquatin,
  • Drypoint


Another great way of using the modern world to be creative, is with taking and making great photographs. In the older days, you need to be an expert photographer to be able to be creative in taking photos. Nowadays, you just need to have a camera and a great program for your tablet or PC, to be able to edit and making your photograph into great art that looks professional. 

In the older days, you needed to have a state of the art camera, with lots of different lenses to be able to take great photos. With all our new technology, you can even create some of the best photos from taking photos from your phone and some creativity. Now, everyone has a great smartphone with a camera that can be used to take photographs that can blow your mind.

Digital art

Just a few years ago, this kind of art form wasn’t available. No one would be able to create digital art, because there wasn’t the technology that there’s today.  With digital art, you can create almost anything, using just your computer and some great software and programs.

For example, you can take a simple picture and transform it into the best piece of art, with your computer. Most people using this art form for advertising, and making great looking websites that are attracting many viewers and potential clients. 

With digital art, you don’t even need to be creative or have a talent for creating any art. You just need to know how to use the specific program and knows all the secrets behind creating digital art. Digital art, is improving and getting more advanced by the day. The better the technology, the more advanced the digital art is becoming. 

We don’t always think of art becoming more advanced as our world is getting more modern and technology is improving. When we think about art, we still think about the older art forms like normal paintings and scalping’s, and tend to forget about the modern photographs, digital art and even the modern ways of making prints. All these new art forms are because of being creative in the modern world we’re living today.

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