The Rise of Digital Art

Digital art has been on the rise in the recent past due to technological advancements. Traditional art is gradually being changed into digital and it’s unbelievable how artists have transformed this sector. Creativity can be seen more with the application of technology.

What is Digital Art?
This involves using digital technology to do art in a creative way and present it. Some of the digital artistic practices today include; digital installation art, net art and virtual reality while artistic activities are such as drawing and painting. Simply the artwork is completed through computer processes. One way that experts have seen the increase of digital art in the modern world is through development of different software.

How has Digital Artwork Revolutionized Traditional Art?
Art lovers visiting art galleries and exhibitions has been the only way that people could appreciate art work before technology. With technology and internet specifically, artists can now promote their artwork and get attention far and wide. They will not be limited to visitors who walk in to exhibitions. Whether an artist deals with sculptures, wall paintings or art work in general, digital art has become quite helpful.

How are Digital Artists Making Money?
Digital art is not all about displaying artwork online. Artists need to have an income and they are taking advantage of technology to do so. They create their work, customize designs for clients and sell the works online. Art lovers also swipe their cards or add coins when they need to view some artwork.

What Software do Digital Artists use?
To make their work more impressive, digital artists have a range of software and applications to choose from. Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Graphite, Affinity Designer, Krita, ArtRange 5 and Medibang Paint Pro are just some of the software that digital artists use.

Why should Artists use Technology?
There are a myriad of reasons an artist should use technology besides showcasing their work and making money. As an artist, you can travel in a wholly different path with your creativity. You can do the unimaginable and empower your ideas.

You may have seen a photo that looked so real on the internet that you wondered how it was created. This is one significant improvement that has been seen by traditional artists too. Technology has made this possible and artists are bringing their creativity to life. They are using technology to create 3D images. Digital art has made it possible for artists to showcase their talents, express themselves and make money while at it.