How to Perfect the Art of Calligraphy

People have varying hand writings and while some look basic or disoriented, there are others that seem like an art. Calligraphy writing stands out because of the different letter forms. This is not something that you just do it, it takes time to learn and master the art. There are rules that will guide you.

Observe and Practice Writing the Letters

It is only through consistency that you can perfect the art of calligraphy writing. One important thing is to observe how professional calligraphers do it. It helps in learning how to form letters as there is width, serifs, height, branching and slants that are a must if the handwriting is to turn out perfectly.

Learn to Write the Letters

Once you have observed how letters are formed, the first thing to learn is how to hold the pen as there is a specific angle that is recommended. The amount of ink you put on the nib, the kind of ink you use, the spacing and how you hold the pen plays a significant role in the end result. This is a must learn if you are to become a professional calligrapher.


Practice the Strokes

To become proficient, its crucial you focus on strokes. Calligraphy letters are not made of a single stroke but multiple of them which you must practice. The best way is to focus on every part of each letter. The thick and the thin parts should be paid attention to. It’s the letters that make up a word and eventually a sentence or paragraph. When every letter has the correct strokes, the writing will turn out as it should.


Work with Master Calligraphers

It helps to work with someone who has the skills and has been practicing. This is because they know how to form each letter of the alphabet, they know the angle of holding the pen and they know where to press hardly and where not to. They are also aware of the amount of ink to put on the nib so that the handwriting is as clear and neat as possible.


Why Does the Angle-Holding Pen Matter?

Perhaps you are wondering why the pen handling angle matters! The pen that is used gives you options in the size that you want to use considering how thick and thin you want the letters to be. It defines how well the handwriting will turn out to be.

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