True Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

The best way to describe different art forms is the saying “True Art is in the eye of the Beholder”. There’s many reasons why not everyone likes art, or a specific form of art.  Every person is individual and has different kind of taste and preferences. Some like the modern art, while other likes the more old fashion art like paintings that make sense. Here’s some different reasons why not everyone likes all the art forms, and why the saying true art is in the Eye of the Beholder is really true when it comes to art.

Don’t Understand Modern Art

When we’re talking about modern art, we are talking here about paintings that’s abstract and not a “plain” picture like most of us knows.  Modern art is also sculptures that doesn’t really make sense and that not everyone understands.

If you don’t understand contemporary art, you really won’t understand the art form and you will not want to buy the art. There’s even people that saying that these modern art forms are way too expensive to be bought. This is just because they don’t understand the art, or see the deeper meaning of the art.


With graffiti, we don’t talk about the people that just writing all kinds of trash on the walls of towns and cities. We’re talking here from real graffiti, paintings that’s done on the walls that took a long time to get done, and with the approval of the people around them.

When it comes to graffiti, there’s so many people that’s saying that this isn’t an art form, this is just someone that was just painting on walls, and making a mess. But, for the one that did the graffiti, this is really a great art form. Not everyone appreciates this kind of art form, and not everyone allows this kind of art form in towns.

Don’t Realize the Time Spent

It is just the artists themselves that really know the time that was putting into making the art. For the everyday person, like you and me, don’t really realize how long it really takes an artist to make any creation. This is why some art is so expensive. There’s some kind of art forms that take months to get done. Months of blood, sweat and tears. Even, if it looks like the art was done is just a few hours. No real art, is done in just hours.

It is just those people that really understand where the art is coming from and who understands the deeper meaning of art, that really appreciate these art. 

When we’re looking at art, we don’t always see the real meaning. You even might just see a bunch of color and stripes. However, the artist sees a deeper meaning. Normally, the people that know art, especially modern art, see the deeper meaning of the art. This is why art is just beautiful and appreciate by some people and why true art is in the eye of the Beholder.

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