Take The Dog For A Walk and Get Creative

Are you constantly finding it challenging to come up with new creative ideas for your line of work? Problem solved - Take the dog for a walk and use this time to be inspired by Nature. Don't have a dog? Provide a dog walking service and use other people's dogs to help boost your creativity. Plus you get paid for providing the service, so essentially the dog's owner is paying for you to be creative! How awesome is that?

Getting out doors is great for boosting creativity. The fresh air and natural sun light help bring you back to Nature. Take off your shoes and allow your feet to really connect with the earth and get grounded. Doing just this is very beneficial for us humans on so many levels. Then when you add a living animal such as a dog into the experience your whole perspective on your outside walk can dramatically change. 

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and as such as always smelling there way around new and old areas. Just by watching them you can see what smells interest them and where the scent leads them. Of course most of the time they are smelling other dogs who may have marked their territory or at least have said they were there. Other times they may be smelling where that delicious food smell is coming from. Either way you get to see the park or nature reserve through a different set of eyes, or nose at least.

As you let your dog run and be active off the leash then too you can take in your surrounding. What are the others in the park doing, what is happening in your neighbourhood? What's going on in the sky? Just don't get lost in the clouds too much!

The good thing about associating your outdoor creative time with a dog is that a dog always needs a walk to get more exercise. As humans we often become lazy and will avoid going outside or getting the regular exercise we need. However when it is for a beloved animal, or part of paying job, we have more inclination to carry out the task. As as a result you get your creative time.

So go on get creative by taking the dog for a walk and make it part of your daily routine.

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