Improper application of paint can lead to many issues such as cracking. Although this is mostly seen in old houses, one of the causes is improper application. Due to this, it’s important that when painting your house, you hire a professional painters like the team at Advanced Painting. Such professionals will use proper techniques to avoid painting cracking issues now and in the future.

Ways that you can Prevent Paint Cracking

There are ways that this problem can be prevented besides hiring a professional to do the job. This is the only way that you can prevent this common problem when a poor job is done.

  1. High quality paint should be used always to prevent the cracking. When low-quality paint is used, it leads to poor flexibility and adhesion. Within no time, cracks will start to appear.
  2. The surface should be prepared well. If the paint application needs to be done on wood, proper priming has to be done. Basically, the surface has to be prepared carefully and a primer used on it.
  3. Apply the right amount of paint. Every wall requires the right amount of wall not only to prevent cracking in future, but also sagging.
  4. You should always allow the previous coat of paint to dry before applying another one. It should actually dry complete since the paint will be too thin which will definitely lead to cracking.
  5. Use the right paint for the environment you live in. Some environmental conditions can lead to paint cracking especially when it dries fast when applying. Before you can purchase the paint, work with a professional who understands the environment. For example, you may need paint that will withstand humidity.

What to do When Cracks Appear on Your Walls

If and when the cracks do start appearing, they can be prevented from spreading. Although the paint can be removed and the right techniques used to apply a fresh coat, a filler should be used in this case. This works well when multiple layers of paint are affected.

Paint cracking can be quite frustrating especially when the budget was too high. This is something that can be avoided during painting. Ensure that high-quality paint is used, the right amount is applied, the surface is well-prepared and every previous coat of paint dries before another one is applied. Another advice is that the right paint for the environment is also used. With these few tips, it will be possible to prevent paint cracking in the future.

When we think about our bathrooms, we don’t always think about it as attractive and beautiful. Especially, if you’re living in an old house with the older style bathrooms. There’s some new ways that you can create an old style bathroom into a great, modern bathroom that’s highly attractive and relaxing. You just might need to have some guidance in how to create a modern bathroom design out of your old bathroom. Here are some tips to think about when you’re looking for a new bathroom design.

Color of Your Bathroom

When you’re upgrading your bathroom, the first thing that you should think about, is the color or your bathroom. So many people don’t realize that a bathroom doesn’t have to be just white. There’s so many different colors that will transform a bathroom from old to modern, is just a new paint coat.

There’s new paint, which you can use, to paint your tiles, so you don’t even have to remove the tiles, to create color. It’s cheaper and a lot faster to start your chance by painting the tiles of your bathroom a new, even bright color.

The Bath

There’s other style baths than just the normal bath that you will find in every home. Creating a new modern bathroom style, means that you can also change the shape of your bath. Buying a new bath that has another shape can make a huge difference to the bathroom. It’s possible to remove an old bath and inserting a new, more modern bath into any bathroom. 

With the modern baths, you will find different styles, shapes and even color. Finding another bath that will suits your new modern design won't’ be a long process.


Every modern bathroom needs mirrors. You won’t believe how a mirror or two can transform an old looking bathroom, into a new modern bathroom. 

There’s different kinds of mirrors that you can use in a bathroom. The best way to make a small bathroom appear much larger, is by adding mirrors on the walls. You can add large mirrors, small mirrors or even a combination of large and small mirrors. 

The new modern design bathrooms have more mirrors than the older style bathrooms, and if you’re wanting to impress your guests with a new bathroom design, adding mirrors is just a must.

Upgrading Your Shower Area

The one thing that makes a bathroom looks old and ugly, then it’s the shower area. This is because most showers are not looking beautiful and great. There’s different ways of upgrading your shower to a new modern design, without spending too much money.

Adding glass doors to your shower and a new, larger shower head is just all that your shower needs. Maybe the pipes are looking old and rusted, and replacing these pipes can also make a huge difference.

If you have a large bathroom, you can even adjust the size of the shower, making the shower bigger with glass doors on two or even all three sides of the bathroom. 

You don’t need to live with your bathroom the way it looks now. You can upgrade your old, outdated bathroom into a modern bathroom design that’s highly attractive. A bathroom is a place for relaxation, and having an attractive, modern bathroom will make this your and your guest’s place of relaxation. 

For expert bathroom designs and renovations contact these Sydney bathroom renovators.