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        How To Be Successful On Instagram?

        Here’s my Instagram story on how the app helped me rediscover happiness. I’ll tell you the three most important things I learnt about Instagram along the road.
        Even the worst events may have a silver lining at times. And this is my tale, the narrative of how finding success on Instagram rekindled my sense of purpose and happiness.

        I should probably preface this by saying it’s not a sad tale. It’s not a fairy tale, either. My account is simply that. A true account. And I want to let you in on the not-so-pretty truth about my Instagram fame.
        My family’s financial difficulties inspired me to create an Instagram account. My spouse has been unemployed for the past eight years. Our life savings were invested in a startup that had not yet turned a profit. The main reason I joined Instagram was to curb my purchasing and spending habits. Instagram served as a welcome diversion and an excellent means of feeding my muse.

        Yes, I see that this tale doesn’t exactly pique your interest, but I assure you that there is a valuable lesson to be gleaned from it.

        Here I will discuss my actual experience with Instagram and the three most important factors in my eventual success there.

        Providing Context

        The four of them seemed content and healthy. We had just moved into the house of our dreams in the San Francisco suburbs with our two young kids. My spouse was laid off six months after we moved in. I was a stay-at-home mum who looked after my two sons. It was the beginning of a three-year dry spell for money. After much introspection, he decided to launch his own company serving the needs of the elderly. Unfortunately, we had to use every last dime to get the company off the ground.

        Worst of Times

        Everything that had brought me joy up until that point was suddenly out of reach financially. I started feeling bored and down on myself. I needed a way to take my mind off of everything that was bothering me so badly right then. Of course, I couldn’t turn to my old “solution,” going shopping, any more. It was too dismal to even go window shopping. It just served to bring home how much I was lacking financially.

        I eventually realised that staying in would help me resist temptation the most. For the most part, I blame my sadness on emotions of boredom, tension, and general self-pity. Because of the financial strain, I distanced myself from my pals.

        Keep Reading, It Gets Better From Here

        So, here comes my twin sister, Julie. After living in her Seattle “dream home” for around three months, she began posting about the “decor community” there. She was overjoyed to tell me how she was able to help others discover their inner decorator. Find out more about Julie’s Instagram Adventures here.

        Julie recommended that I join her home decor group on Instagram. She was making friends and enjoying herself, and she invited me to come along. Yet, I was quite cautious.

        What Would I Tweet About?

        I had zero expertise in interior design to begin with. there addition, it had been six years since we’d moved there, and I still hadn’t given any attention to how I wanted to decorate. I hadn’t splurged on any fancy new furnishings or ornamentation. A fresh pillow wouldn’t help. Imaginable, right? And at this point, I could make no adjustments anyhow. Last but not least, I had zero knowledge in photography.

        Julie Persisted.She also has a powerful persuasiveness. Not terrible, actually. A few people liked what I posted. Absolutely no one was rude. Perhaps one or two positive remarks were made. Who knows, maybe my sis was correct. I began thinking about what I wanted to write next.

        Three Keys to Instagram Success

        This is what I figured out.

        Make an Attempt

        Dare to attempt something new. And keep making attempts. Unless you are a professional photographer and have much experience in your field, it is unlikely that your initial posts will be very impressive. Consider everyone of your posts a lab rat. Learning new things is something you can do every day. Learn more about yourself, your interests, and the successes and failures of your work on Instagram to help you grow as an artist.

        Find Your Niche

        Get specialised. Where do your interests lie? To what do you most deeply commit? It’s time to let your imagination run wild. Do you have a thing for cosmetics? Is style something you’re interested in? Determine your area of interest, and then follow accounts and individuals you truly care about. Just do what they say. Observe their actions. Study their mistakes. Let your individuality shine through in your photography. Use your own voice in your online writing.

        Spread the Love

        When I first started taking images, I realised they weren’t very good. It was obvious to me that nothing about my home was “swoon worthy.” I determined to make amends by being more generous. And the plan was successful.

        Did you know that being polite to others makes them more inclined to follow you, even if your images aren’t as good? Maybe not everyone, but the folks who will wind up becoming your biggest fans and most devoted followers probably will. Even on Instagram, the individuals you want on your side will follow you for more than just your photos.

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