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        Here Are 6 Proven Methods To Increase Your Instagram Following

        Improve your visibility on Instagram by learning these simple tricks

        If you want more Instagram followers, leads, likes, or comments, then you should do the following:

        Then, include relevant phrases and trending hashtags.

        1. Impressive as hashtags are.

        Hashtags not only help organise material, they also increase the chances that your images will be seen and shared. One’s odds of getting followed back increase proportionally with the number of others using the same hashtag (or at least a like).

        Check out Hashtagsforlikes, a platform that lets you research and analyse trending hashtags in your field, if you want to find the most current and widely used hashtags.

        2. Integrate it with your other social media profiles

        Since nearly 20% of your Facebook friends are (presumably) Instagram users, Neil says linking the two should help you obtain more Instagram followers.

        By using this method, your friends will more easily “find” you on Instagram and begin following you right away. You should do this right away after signing up, but you may easily do it later if you forget. For example, supposing you make a new friend on Facebook who then decides to join Instagram.

        3. Third, keep a look out for successful strategies.

        Go no farther than the “Popular” option to find out what others are interested in.

        You should always try to figure out what it is about a shot that went viral (without needing to be a Kardashian) so that you may replicate its success. You can usually pick out a pattern.

        4. Like photographs and/or follow people who do

        Following and like people’s posts is a simple yet effective technique to grab their attention.

        Neil claims that he gained 21.7 likes on his images and 6.1 more Instagram followers for every 100 likes he gave to random photos.

        5. Five, give away freebies, vouchers, and rewards

        One of the easiest methods of gaining new fans and followers is available to company owners.

        Instagram competitions and discounts are the best way to gain exposure and engage with users.

        6. Six, implement well-known filters

        Not really convinced, but the Fortune 500 Instagram analysis by Neil and the Track Maven suggests that photo filters may have an effect.

        Track Maven claims that Mayfair is the best and most widely used filter available. According to Neil, however, the most often used filters are Normal, Early Bird, X-Proll, and Hefe.

        To sum up

        Last but not least, I’d want to provide a simple yet powerful piece of advice that’s frequently disregarded: avoid coming across as spammy. If you want more Instagram followers, you shouldn’t post too often or in a way that annoys other users.

        Similarly, if you want to keep your Instagram followers interested, you should only post the most pertinent, relatable, and aesthetically pleasing photographs. The challenge lies in not just capturing people’s interest, but also keeping it.

        Hi, I’m Lawrence Young