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        Discovering the Best Instagram Micro-Influencers for Your Campaign

        Millions of companies are always on the lookout for the best in their industry’s top talent to help them promote their products and services, as influencer marketing has become one of the most popular customer acquisition strategies.
        Although there are many forms of social influence in the online world, the most common association is with famous persons who have amassed large numbers of fans or followers. Of course, you may also recruit others to assist with sales. In truth, famous individuals aren’t always the best advocates for your product.

        Find accounts that are extremely related to your niche yet have a smaller following but more engaged and influential audience. These persons often have between one thousand and one hundred thousand followers, and are thus classified as micro-influencers.

        Customers you approach through these influencers are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer since they share your interests.

        Consider that a general celebrity with 700,000 followers who may or may not be interested in fitness would not be as effective as a specialist fitness influencer with 20,000 followers who are enthusiastic fitness devotees if you are selling a fitness supplement.

        Yet, success hinges on identifying the best micro-influencers. Just how do you accomplish this, then?

        Look for Trending Hashtags

        You may find fresh and interesting accounts to follow by using hashtags. The challenge is that hashtags differ from sector to sector, making it vital to investigate the most popular hashtags in your region.

        For this, you may use a dedicated tool, or you can just monitor your rivals’ social media activity to see what hashtags they’re consistently use.

        The next step is to look at the “Top” posts for each of these hashtags to identify potential influencers. If you think you’ve discovered the right person, you may check out their profile to read more of their writing and get a sense of their following. Keep in mind that the threshold for a micro-influencer is a thousand to a hundred thousand followers.
        You may also check what comes up when you search for “micro-influencers in [your sector]” on Google. Begin by making a list of each and all potential influences you come across. If you want to make a connection with these people before you send them a chilly message, you should pay attention to the information they publish and how they interact with their followers.

        Find Out How Many People Influencers Are Reaching

        Finding out if a candidate is worth keeping an eye on is the first step before doing so. To do so, it is necessary to ascertain their level of involvement, a statistic that is far more meaningful than their total number of followers.

        People are more inclined to buy from someone with a large, engaged following.

        Yet, how do you calculate participation?

        The first step is to calculate an average of the number of likes received by 10 of their posts. The sum is then divided by their total number of followers to provide their engagement percentage.

        If you identify a micro-influencer with an average of 500 likes each post and they have 5,000 followers, you can calculate their engagement rate as 10% by dividing 500 by 5,000.

        On Instagram, engagement rates between 1% and 3% are regarded to be healthy.

        Make Contact with Micro Influencers

        If you don’t just reach out to micro-influencers cold, you’ll have a better chance of winning them over.

        While some would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with any company, the vast majority would take into account their target demographic to determine if the proposed project is a suitable fit.

        Thus, while you’re in the monitoring phase, it’s a good idea to establish some mildly substantive connections with your selected micro-influencers. Some examples of this might include reacting to their Stories, commenting on a few of their posts, or regramming something from them. You’re warming them up to your pitch by introducing your brand to them in this way.

        Create an offer for working together and present it

        After getting to know your target micro-influencers, it’s time to extend an offer of partnership. To what extent and in what medium you do this depends on the nature of your relationship with this person.

        This might be anything from a short direct message (DM) asking for their interest in collaborating to a detailed email outlining the advantages of working together. Don’t forget to mention the benefits of the campaign to them and why your idea is a suitable fit for their target demographic.

        Instagram’s Micro-Influencers: A Powerful Boost to Your Campaigns

        Micro-influencers’ fan bases are so invested in them and confident in their opinions that they literally hang on their every word. Because of this, influencers are a valuable tool to have in an Instagram campaign, especially if you can locate ones that are very relevant to your sector and have an audience very comparable to your own.

        Determine which accounts have between one thousand and one hundred thousand followers who would be interested in your campaign, keep tabs on them, and introduce yourself before sending a proposal.

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