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        Promotional Strategies for Instagram

        Do you think Instagram isn’t the right place for your company’s brand?

        Merchandise and service advertisements flood your Instagram feed.

        And yet, digital goods?

        Two or three postings in the previous few months is about all you’ve seen. Just that.

        On the other hand, it doesn’t imply Instagram users aren’t interested in seeing more from digital product companies like yours.

        Actually, there aren’t many digital product companies on Instagram, so your photographs of food and makeup will stand out even more.

        The biggest surprise is that you don’t need to share photos to get noticed.

        Here, we’ll show you three easy and inexpensive strategies to promote your digital goods on Instagram.

        Make use of video, Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live on Instagram

        Instagram may have started as a place to share photos, but it’s quickly become one of the most popular ways to upload and share videos.

        Video posts, Stories, TV (IGTV), and Live are the four distinct categories of Instagram videos.

        Do you feel lost without any background in video production?

        In any case, you shouldn’t worry. With enough imagination and experimentation, you can make compelling videos for any of these platforms.

        Let’s start with a discussion of the needs and functions of video postings.

        Instagram videos may not be long, but they often generate more comments and likes than static photos.

        Since videos are so quick, they work well for uploading promotional teasers or short instructional.

        Instagram Stories are far shorter than regular video postings, clocking in at just 15 seconds. Images or video may be used to tell stories. After a day, they vanish as well.

        In any case, companies can employ external software to cut a lengthier movie into Stories.

        Despite their length, Stories have many applications.

        You might conduct a survey or poll, provide instant feedback, or repurpose lengthy pieces of writing with their help. You may use a story to promote an impending sale or unveil a brand new product.

        The power of narrative extends to retail therapy. Stickers featuring a brand’s products may be added to Stories, as seen in the Madewell case study below.
        When a consumer clicks on a sticker, they are transported to a website with further information on the item they clicked on.

        Stickerizing your package won’t make you look overly promotional, by the way. Instagram is generally well-received, as 83% of users agree that it aids them in learning about new offerings.
        Over half of Instagram users have made an instant purchase after viewing a product or service they liked.

        As a result, consumers may find your product stickers useful rather than annoying.

        IGTV may be more beneficial for those who produce lengthier pieces of work.

        Long-form movies of one minute or more in length can be posted to IGTV, with the maximum length ranging from 15 to 60 minutes.

        But, Instagram has been steadily improving IGTV with new features that make it more enticing to both companies and consumers.

        For instance, IGTV now allows for landscape orientation video uploads. One-minute previews can also be posted by creators in feeds.

        Although though Instagram TV can’t be bought or sold just yet, it’s a great platform for promoting your business and connecting with your customers.

        You may use Instagram TV to show off your wares, give a how-to, or take questions from your audience. IGTV might be used to reuse footage from other sources as well.

        Last but not least, Instagram users may participate in live video broadcasts via Instagram Live.

        Live videos on Instagram appear at the top of users’ feeds, increasing their visibility and perhaps the number of times they are seen.

        Instagram Live, like Instagram’s other video formats, has several uses.
        This strategy has the potential to increase recognition of a brand and assist consumers in making informed buying decisions.

        A similar range of content is possible for Instagram Live sessions, including product demonstrations, lessons, Q&As, and glimpses into your company’s inner workings.

        In conclusion:

        Instagram’s video features, including posts, Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live, all serve as excellent channels for advertising your product or service.

        Instagram videos may be a great way to get people interested in your company and its wares. Customers will want to know that your items will live up to their expectations before they part with their money.

        They need to hear it from the source if they want to do it.

        Foster user-created content and reviews

        Reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers are a great addition to any web page selling a product.

        Good luck and good vibes are contagious, therefore you should share them with everyone.

        Encourage consumers to share UGC on Instagram, preferably with a customised hashtag so you can monitor it, in addition to asking for reviews. Basically, any media that a consumer makes that features your company is user-generated content.

        Let’s unravel the various advantages of user-generated content and reviews.

        To begin, the vast majority of shoppers (93.4%) study customer feedback before making a purchase from an unknown online store.

        An overwhelming majority of customers (90%) say user-generated content (UGC) influences their purchasing decisions, with 24% calling it “very influential.”
        Sixty-one percent of customers also claimed UGC makes them more interested in interacting with businesses.

        Last but not least, consumers are three times more likely to believe that material provided by consumers is more authentic than content from businesses.

        Become involved with the micro-influencer community

        You would be excused for assuming that only celebrities or people with hundreds of thousands of followers can profit from Instagram influencer marketing.

        The term “micro-influencer” refers to an online personality with 30,000 or less followers, and it’s possible that this group accounts for the lion’s share of the influencer marketing budget (40 percent, on average, every year).

        A majority of marketers (56%) said that collaborating with micro-influencers saves money. Marketers that believed they had a stronger connection to their viewers and generated more genuine content saw their success increase.

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