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        Helpful Advice and Inspiring Case Studies for Instagram Live Collaborations

        Are you a social media agency looking to increase the services you offer to your customers? One option is to team up on Instagram Live. In this post, we’ll show you how to collaborate with others on Instagram Live and provide some examples.

        Building credibility, stimulating interest, and generating revenue are all outcomes of a well-executed live video. But is it the same for group efforts in live videos on Instagram?

        The benefits of working together in real time on Instagram are numerous. They’re useful for:

        • Improve brand recognition. Introduce a new or unfamiliar brand by linking it to a well-known person or company.
        • Gain the confidence of the audience. Working with a well-known figure will help fans feel more comfortable making a financial commitment to your goods or service.
        • Optimize your content strategy by expanding it. Incorporating a live collaboration into your marketing strategy might give you an edge. Engagement that has been faltering can be revitalised in this way. It can also attract new consumers to your brand.
        • Increase impact. Cooperating with another company or influential person increases the number of people who will see your message. Because your message will be magnified, you will gain new followers, more views, and higher levels of interaction.
        • Help the people around you. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with other companies may boost your reputation and visibility. This is true for offline groups as well as virtual ones. In difficult times, mutual aid is of the utmost importance.

        Identify the Best Instagram Live Collaborator

        Finding the correct company or person to collaborate with on Instagram live is essential.
        Quickly, I’ll run through a few things you should keep an eye out for. To find potential partners, think about:

        Services that are similar without being in direct competition. Health clubs and hair salons are two excellent examples. Nail salons and hair salons, libraries and coffee shops, sunglass stores and swimsuit labels, and florists and wedding planners are just a few instances of businesses that have worked together on Instagram Live.
        Cooperation in advertising objectives. Does it sound like a goal of yours to raise the profile of the brand? Maybe you two can launch a combined promotion to boost sales. Working together successfully requires mutual gain.
        Very similar amounts of followers. Is it worth it to link up with another company if yours has 100,000 followers and they only have 500? In a sense, this operates in both directions.
        Once you’ve found the ideal collaborator, it’s time to start laying the framework for your Instagram Live session together.

        Tips for Managing a Successful Instagram Live Discussion

        Lay forth the terms of your offer before you begin negotiations

        Where can fans learn about your deal? Which brand will receive what percentage of sales or commissions? Whom shall we expect to respond to the queries of the faithful?

        Create a strategy

        Plan out your goals for the live session and how long you’d like it to be, and then give specific directions to the person or brand you’re working with. For me, it’s most useful to draught a bullet point script.

        Think ahead

        Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with this Instagram Live project and who you want to reach. You should avoid producing material without a well-defined goal in mind. In addition, having an understanding of the “why” might help you maintain your concentration and stay on track throughout the duration of the collaboration.

        Laugh it up and enjoy yourself

        Taking viewers and listeners behind the scenes is an integral part of streaming live. Putting up a positive and enjoyable brand image is a certain way to attract customers. Let yourself off the hook if you make a blunder. 

        Engage with your target demographic

        The goal of working together is, of course, to generate more interest and sales from your target demographic. It’s detrimental to ignore feedback from your viewers.

        Do not be shy in relating your life experiences

        You have up to an hour to broadcast a live video to your audience. Unless you post a replay to your stories, viewers won’t be able to see an archived live video in the app after it has ended. So… include it into your narratives!

        Use this as a learning opportunity

        Analyze your KPIs to see where you stand (KPIs). Have you accomplished your goals? When you worked together, did you see an increase in interaction or sales? If not, think about what may be causing that. If such was the case, then it was a success. Perhaps we should work together once more.

        Instagram Live Collaboration Examples


        When it comes to live collaborations on Instagram, beauty company Benefit Cosmetics is a seasoned pro. Indeed, the firm frequently works with entrepreneurs, beauty gurus, pop stars, and celebrities to promote its wares. There is no scarcity of interested volunteers because Benefit Cosmetics is a trendy company to be connected with.

        The Giveaway

        Dove, known for its hair care products, collaborated with Dunkin’ Doughnuts, known for its delicious donuts, to host a fantastic pop-up giveaway in honour of National Coffee Day. Guests at the Dove x Dunkin’ Styling Cafe could get their hair styled for free with Dove’s dry shampoo products, and they could also enjoy free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
        Dove and Dunkin’ provided gift bags for the event’s attendees. A year’s supply of Dunkin’ coffee and Dove dry shampoo will be given away in a social media competition as part of the collaboration.

        Taking on responsibilities in the community

        Dubai-based Huda Kattan has an impressive following of over 37 million people on Instagram and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the most influential people on social media in the world. The makeup mogul and social media star worked with Dubai Cares to provide school supplies for kids in need.

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