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        All You Need To Know: Instagram Reels Templates

        We’ve been preaching the virtues of Instagram Reels to you for months now. With the help of the power of video content, you can now reach hundreds, if not thousands, of new Instagram users with this bite-sized content format.

        The time commitment involved in regularly planning, filming, and editing Reels is a common problem we hear from company owners and content providers.

        We’re excited to announce a fresh new feature straight from Instagram HQ: Reels Templates, designed to streamline your content production process and start you pounding out Reels like a pro. Yes, Instagram’s newest feature has been released, allowing users to copy the format of their favourite creator’s Reels and use it as a starting point for their own videos.

        Instagram highlight reel templates describe what?

        Instagram now has Reels Templates, a new tool that lets users replicate the same Reels formats from videos they’ve already seen.

        With just one swipe, you may get a time-stamped Reels Template that you can use as a starting point for your own work. The Templates feature on TikTok (which lets users repurpose an existing template from another TikTok user) has clearly influenced Instagram’s design.

        Tutorial on Using Instagram Highlight Reels

        What’s the good news? Instagram Reel Templates are simple to modify and speed up the production of a Reel. You no longer need to use five separate online services to edit your films.

        Prepared to Start Using Instagram Templates for Reels? Just stick to our detailed instructions:

        Browse Instagram for a suitable video to repurpose

        The obvious first point is selecting an Instagram Reel to imitate.

        Finding a video design you like is as simple as browsing the Reels section or your explore page.

        Click the ‘Use as Template’ button

        There will be a button labelled “Use Template” in the corner of the screen.

        Don’t stress if you can’t seem to locate it. Select “Use as Template” from the option that appears when you press the three dots in the upper right corner.
        Keep in mind that Reels templates cannot be used with videos that were originally shared to TikTok and then published to Instagram.

        Start making something

        You may then record new clips or import existing ones from your camera roll into the pre-made clip slots to begin making your Reels.

        Timecodes have been applied to each of these placeholders so that they will appear at the appropriate points in the original video or audio.

        Review and Publish Your Content

        Now that everything is ready to go in terms of video (uploaded), audio (trending), and editing (Reel), the moment has come to hit publish.

        Simply import your video, annotate them, and press the publish button. What a simple method there is for making Reels! The ‘around the globe’ video craze, which synchronises 20 images and clips with music, is a great example of a video that may benefit from the use of a reel template. Templates make it possible to quickly and easily reproduce popular Reels styles without having to spend hours timing your films to the music.

        What do Instagram Reels Templates have to offer?

        You probably already know that Instagram Reels Templates have several advantages. Reels Templates may be used in a variety of ways that are helpful for creators, company owners, and entrepreneurs alike.

        To help you enhance your social media game, we’ve compiled three good reasons to use Instagram Reels Templates.

        The content development process may be sped up by using a plug-and-play approach to streamline everything from pre-production to post-production for your Reels.
        Use the Template tool to adapt widely used forms for Reels, allowing you to finally break free of writer’s block once and for all.
        Increase your brand’s exposure on Instagram by increasing the likelihood that your Reels will be included in Instagram’s Discover stream.
        With Plann, you can say goodbye to manual publishing and auto-publish your Instagram Reels if you’ve already begun generating them using the new templates feature and have a backlog of content.

        We’ve eliminated the need for both push alerts and manual publishing with our revolutionary auto-post function. Your Reel will be automatically published after you upload it to your Plann workspace and activate the auto-publish feature.

        Improve your online profile in 2023

        With your newfound understanding of the social media landscape, it’s time to put your newfound wisdom to use. And your whole social media suite is the best tool you can use for this.

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