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        Contrasting Instagram Stories With Regular Posts

        Instagram is a dynamic platform, and brands must adapt to survive. Time for a discussion about the relative merits of Instagram posts and stories.Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the info you need to know about the many ways you may make posts on the Meta platform. We’ll also feature some industry-defining companies that are guaranteed to serve as inspiration.

        Check out our 2023 Instagram Stories Benchmark Report if you’re interested in Instagram Stories in particular. It includes current statistics and expert analysis on Stories’ most pressing issues.

        Difference between Instagram Stories and Regular Posts

        Instagram posts and Stories can be differentiated in numerous ways. Here is a short review of the main distinctions:

        While Instagram Stories only remain visible for 24 hours, regular postings remain on a profile indefinitely.
        Videos, images, text-only displays, and even Instagram posts may all be shared on Stories. Videos, images, slideshows, and even whole Reels may all be posted.
        Instagram Stories only show up for your followers, while regular posts might reach Instagram’s broader audience.

        Instagram users should strive for interaction. Our data, however, indicated that user engagement (likes, comments, and shares) declined in 2022 as a whole. The rise in popularity of video-sharing websites like TikTok and YouTube is largely to blame for this trend.

        Understanding how to use Instagram Stories and posts as complementing features may really help you enhance your engagement on Instagram.
        Instagram Stories: When to Use Them
        Even if Instagram posts get more views, Stories still serve an important strategic purpose on Instagram.

        Instagram Stories excel at the following:

        Stories only live for 24 hours, which might be a benefit if they include timely information. If you want to address something novel or timely, a story is a terrific way to do it. To ensure that certain Stories always appear in your feed, you may add them to your Story highlights.
        Unscripted content: Stories are a great way to provide your audience a more personal, candid glimpse into your company. They are an excellent method of making your followers feel like they are a part of your inner circle.
        Putting Links in Stories: You may include a link to your site, a new product, or any other site right in a story if you wish to. This facilitates simple control over the movement of your followers.
        Content designed to spark interest: Using interactive stickers, you can pose questions, make quizzes, run polls, and get followers’ opinions on Stories.
        Learn more about how to increase interaction with Instagram Stories link stickers.

        Highlighted Instagram Stories

        Are you ready to have a look at these incredible Instagram Stories?

        Let’s give Erewhon, a high-end health food store in California, the recognition it deserves. They checked Stories for inquiries regarding their goods and the health and nutrition industry in general.

        Reasons to Share Photos on Instagram
        Knowing how to make the most of Instagram Stories may take your Instagram game to the next level, despite the fact that we’ve proven that Instagram posts have a far larger reach rate.

        Instagram may be used for the following purposes:

        Instagram posts are evergreen and will appear in your feed indefinitely unless you remove them. A follower may always go back and read an old post, forward it to a friend, or store it for later.
        Make your brand seem good. Since Instagram is the most visually oriented social media site, many of your followers will appreciate well-designed feeds and posts. Post only high-quality videos and photos, and take the time to carefully filter your feed.

        Instagram Content Categories

        Thinking about what kinds of posts your followers enjoy the most is a terrific approach to expand your Instagram presence.

        At the moment, users can share the following four forms of material on their feeds:

        The use of a single image in a post.

        Posts that include several media files (up to 10 total).
        Videos: Single-video posts (up to 60 minutes in length).
        “Reels” are short-form video uploads that feature popular music or sound effects. There are Reels that can go on for up to 90 seconds.
        Our 2023 Instagram Stories Benchmark Report surveyed 965 accounts and found that Reels had the highest reach at 14%. Reach rates for Instagram videos were second highest at 10%, followed by carousels and photos at 9% apiece.

        Highlighted Instagram photos and videos

        Let’s look at Brit + Co. as an example of a company that uses Instagram strategically. The feed of the lifestyle company is loaded with interesting articles that might serve as inspiration for your own business.

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