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        How To Make Your Sale On Instagram?

        What if the value of each lead you brought in was $44.60? And you didn’t even have to shell out any cash to obtain them, right?
        A strategy to quickly amass wealth?

        You’ve undoubtedly heard about one of the few remaining organic traffic alternatives. Its name is Instagram.
        Naturally, Instagram has a negative reputation. Many people incorrectly assume it can only be used to share photos of food, mermaid tails, and motivational comments.
        To help you make your next sale using Instagram, I’m going to reveal the exact Instagram method that has helped us succeed.

        But before we get into it, let’s take a brief look at why you should care about Instagram in the first place…

        The Importance of Instagram for Marketers

        Just think about it:

        Consumers use Instagram at a rate that is 10 times greater than that of Facebook, 54 times higher than that of Pinterest, and 84 times higher than that of Twitter when it comes to interacting with companies.
        Instagram is becoming increasingly valuable to businesses: By the end of 2017, Instagram’s worldwide mobile ad sales are projected to approach $3 billion. That sum would represent MORE THAN 10% of Facebook’s total income.
        Customers are making purchases on Instagram: (One of my favourite stats!) 31% of internet buyers admit they look for new products to buy on social media.
        Instagram has increased consumer confidence in brands: (this one’s nice, too) Seventy percent of the millennials polled placed a high priority on endorsements from people other than celebrities, especially those they viewed as peers.
        If you aren’t already utilising Instagram, you may be missing out on potential earnings.
        What if we were to alter that?
        Follow these steps to implement my Instagram approach.

        Campaign Outcomes Based on Organic Instagram Traffic

        My experience with Instagram dates back to when my company, Elite Digital Group, began implementing the tactics I was studying for my most recent book, The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business.
        We tried several things out and found out what did and didn’t work.
        Instagram Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

        We’ve perfected a strategy that can be used to each social media platform, and Instagram is no different.
        To be more specific, we use Instagram to:

        Add hashtags to draw attention

        Use a Lead Magnet offer in the profile to collect their email addresses.
        The second step of the Lead Magnet Organic Instagram Strategy is to send a series of emails to your audience that are all related to the initial topic.

        The first thing you need to do when using this method is to settle on a central theme or concept that will serve as the backbone of your Instagram feed.
        For instance:

        • A fitness expert may recommend quick workouts that may be done anywhere, such in only 15 minutes.
        • Investing in real estate as a means to provide for one’s loved ones
        • Increase your sales with the help of a business coach
        • It goes without saying that your Instagram page’s content should be relevant to and supportive of your business.

        Organic Instagram Strategy

        Next, you should update your Instagram bio to include the call-to-action and lead magnet.
        Our team created a Lead Magnet—a free promotional offer—that coordinated with the theme of my Instagram account, “Client Attraction Blueprint.”

        Unpaid Instagram Marketing

        The third step is to research and find relevant hashtags to utilise in your articles that will help you connect with your ideal customers.
        To achieve this, just visit 10 related pages and analyse the hashtags used in their most popular articles. Create a list of the most widely used hashtags, then include them into all of your social media updates.
        And as I mentioned before, we discovered that the more relevant hashtags we utilised, the greater our reach on Instagram.

        Fourth Stage of Your Organic Instagram Strategy
        The fourth step is to consistently use all of the previously determined hashtags in your posts.
        My method for creating Instagram posts is as follows…
        WordSwag is my go-to app when I need to make an Instagram post.
        You may use it to make blog entries like this…

        Organic Instagram Tactics

        The fifth step is to place the lead in the part of the sales funnel that is most relevant to the initial Lead Magnet’s subject matter.
        The key is to ensure that your funnel is well-balanced.

        Stay on the topic that you know your prospect is interested in hearing more about.
        This may be an example of a sales funnel for Instagram:

        • The hashtag is your lead magnet.
        • Capture their attention with your captivating Instagram post.
        • Use a “Lead Magnet” to collect their details.
        • And then, after you have their contact information, you can use engagement and sales marketing emails to convert them into paying customers (RELATED: The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Online Stores).

        Visitors who signed up for the email list after clicking on the lead magnet “The Client Attraction Blueprint” will get a weekly email.

        How Tactic Instagram Commercials?

        We always try out a few different photos before launching into a new audience/platform/market.
        By simultaneously testing numerous visuals, we can swiftly gauge the market’s reaction and remove underperforming advertising.
        Then, we wait three days after releasing an advertisement or series of advertisements to decide whether to remove them or keep them.

        Typically, we see advertising begin to gain traction and generate conversions after three days for Facebook’s algorithm to take effect.
        We evaluate advertisements based on the following three criteria:

        • Impact on expenses
        • Rate of people who click on a link (LCTR)
        • Constructive criticism and reassurance
        • While an LCTR of 1% or greater is desirable, the cost of each achieved outcome will constantly be evaluated in relation to our current goal.
        • We constantly monitor both the ad’s good and negative reactions throughout the campaign.

        Hi, I’m Lawrence Young