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        Prominent Marketing Trends in Social Media for the Year 2023

        When you believe you’ve figured out how to get the most out of a social media site, a new trend is sure to come along and burst your success bubble.

        This is why steady expansion on social media is so challenging. To be sure, expanding your social media presence is no easy feat. Nevertheless, staying ahead of emerging trends and capitalising on them to captivate your audience is a breeze.

        So, what are some of the most important social media trends 2023? We have the rundown, complete with case studies of how other companies are capitalising on these developments for you to study.

        What are social media trends?

        Trends in social media are movements in new directions that experts in the field of social media predict will gain a lot of traction.

        A case in point is the relatively recent introduction of TikTok. Yet, noting its potential and users’ positive welcome, utilising it became a social media fad. Most crucially, it spurred the emergence of bite-size video content that even other social channels like Instagram incorporated as part of their features.
        Yet, the nature of social media trends is such that they change rapidly. In reality, some might stay, while others just see a few hours of daylight before they vanish into the background.

        What 2023 has in store for marketers on social media.

        Now that we’re done with the fundamentals, let’s continue to the top social media trends you should pay attention to in 2023:

        The resurgence of social trading

        The use of social media to promote and conduct business-to-consumer e-commerce is called “social commerce,” and it is predicted to see a rise in popularity in the next year. More and more companies are establishing a direct line of communication with their target audience in an effort to increase sales as social media usage rises and diversifies.
        Shoppable Instagram posts, shoppable TikTok live streams, and the Facebook marketplace make it simple for consumers to research and buy goods without ever leaving the app.
        An other factor fueling the expansion of social commerce is influencer marketing, in which content producers advertise and sell things using their own social media accounts.

        Because of the ease and speed with which customers may shop on social media, this type of commerce is predicted to explode in 2023.

        The use of social media in times of crisis is inevitable

        There’s generally an outcry on social media when corporations goof up as people hold them accountable for their actions. Marketers should also issue apologies on social media, as this is where most protests are taking place.

        A crisis can occur suddenly and at any time. This is why it is a necessary to:

        Concentrate on social listening. Monitor brand mentions and tags to understand what your consumers say about you.
        If you want to prevent serious harm to your brand’s image, you need to respond immediately and truly.
        If you accidentally caused any harm, you should pause any planned articles where you don’t come off as silly, clueless, or reluctant to fix the problem.
        Positively and empathetically respond to criticism.

        The dominance of video will only increase

        2022 was a terrific year for video marketing. In 2023, you’ll still notice the same pattern.

        In fact, a poll conducted in 2022 found that 73% of marketers consider video to be increasingly important to their company over the past year.

        This implies your focus needs to be on developing more videos adapted to each social platform’s demands.

        In addition, the significance of video marketing has grown as video-first platforms like TikTok have embraced social commerce. Videos are a vital content type since they provide a genuine method of showcasing items and drawing in more customers.

        Catch behind-the-scenes (BTS) moments in your videos. Again, BTS material is honest and reveals your brand’s human side, which helps you connect better with your target consumers.

        As a supplementary tip, ensure all your video material opens with an attention-grabbing hook. With so many films to compete against, yours’ need to capture and retain attention, and only good hooks can assist you.

        More ingenuity & less copy and paste

        In an effort to build a larger social media following, several content providers and users have been caught plagiarising the work of others. In 2023, however, people are starting to realise the risks of plagiarising information and the value of producing unique work from scratch. As a result, more and more people focus on providing unique and original material that reflects their distinctive style and perspective.

        With the development of AI and automation, it is now easier to identify and report duplicate material. Less copy and paste is being done generally because of more stringent regulations banning it on social networking networks.

        Overall, the move towards less copy & paste is a beneficial development for social networking. It encourages users to be more real and creative in their content production and highlights the significance of being true to oneself.

        More and more people will use social media to shop

        Owing to social media’s personalised purchasing experience, people go into social media to locate and buy items and services directly.

        In reality, social commerce is on the increase as more and more social networking platforms are providing in-built buy and payment tools.

        Purchases through social media were at an expected 992 billion US dollars in 2022 alone. And by 2026, this figure is projected to rise to $2.9 trillion.

        In light of this, what can you do in 2023 to improve your customers’ social shopping experience? Here are some tips:

        • Get on the social media networks your audience utilises to advertise your items.
        • Showcase your goods with attractive, high-quality photographs.
        • Simplify your in-app purchasing experience by labelling goods and creating concise product descriptions.
        • Test the client journey to look for and solve any hurdles on each social channel.

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