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        6 Effective Tips To Leverage Instagram Stories

        How about the latest news? A new function of Instagram has been released. Some have drawn comparisons to Snapchat’s similarly named function.

        In case you missed it, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose discuss Instagram Stories in depth on this episode of This Old Marketing.

        However, why not take this a step further and consider incorporating Instagram Stories into your overall content marketing plan?

        Successful content marketers are always thinking of new ways to increase brand awareness, engagement, and consideration.

        Instagram is a mobile community where a company should be present, with over 500 million monthly active users and more than 90 million photographs and videos shared every day.

        Everything you might desire in a mobile social network is included in Instagram now with the Stories feature. You may create material that disappears after 24 hours, send direct messages and advertisements, modify photographs and videos, and more.

        Six ways to use Instagram Stories in your visual content marketing campaign

        Prior to the Scene

        Insufficient numbers of content marketers provide authentic or open-ended material. That’s the point of Instagram’s Stories feature.

        Users can now view the process behind their favourite or most inspiring photos, as well as what the artist does on an average day while shooting in new locations, with the new Stories feature.
        Swedish sock and pants maker Happy Socks tells their tale in a 10-second movie depicting everyday office life, complete with employees hard at work and a celebratory cake break.

        Show your customers the people behind the brand and the processes that go into making the products they love. It allows people to feel more invested in your company and its products.

        Choose the next topic by voting

        One of the nicest things I’ve seen marketers do with Instagram Stories is to incorporate the audience into the visual approach. It’s unfortunate when companies don’t make use of the opportunity to have a conversation with their audience by instead creating unrelated, self-selected stories.
        Red Bull urged its Instagram followers to choose the next photo by clicking the “like” button. Members of the audience used Instagram Direct Messages to vote on which emoji should be made public. (I regret not being motivated to capture the ensuing tales in a screenshot.)

        Instagram businesses that publish numerous times per day should engage their followers in the decision-making process by soliciting innovative suggestions from their followers.


        Gary Vaynerchuk’s takeover technique is well-documented on his blog, which you may be acquainted with if you follow the owner of a digital firm. You and another account must collaborate and appear in each other’s tales for the takeover to be successful. Gary says that you and your spouse take turns sending each other photos or short videos (up to 10 seconds) to share online.

        This one is great because it forces me to step beyond my comfort zone and consider how my actions will affect the people in my partner community. Having my Instagram account taken over motivates me to work harder so that my takeover partner can showcase my greatest work.

        Instachat: Quick Questions

        Expert opinions are often sought for by the general public. You may even host a quick Q&A on Instagram Stories.

        What companies like Content Marketing Institute do on Twitter conversations, you can do on Instagram. Here’s why:

        Spread the word about your quick Q&A (or Instachat, as the kids are calling it) by posting a photo or video online. Don’t forget to provide the date and nature of the event.
        Instagram’s community manager Jeffrey Gerson, for instance, filmed short videos (only 10 seconds long) in which he responded to followers’ questions.

        Suggestions and Methods

        Instagram is a great place to find brand advice. It’s a win-win since you get to show off your brand’s expertise without asking for anything in return.

        In order to teach your audience how to accomplish anything they need or want to do, you may, for instance, publish detailed instructions. A camera manufacturer may demonstrate the distinctions between their products by showing examples of photos taken with each model, while an avocado grower could demonstrate the art of making guacamole in 10 seconds.

        Sales Are Low

        Make use of Instagram Stories to advertise your goods at a reduced price. Inform your followers that the discount will only be valid for 24 hours (as long as the Instagram Story is active) before it expires.
        J. Crew promoted their upcoming Jane in Pink sunglasses on Instagram Stories. The frame colour was pink, and the articles showcased the personnel in lighthearted, natural, and personal settings. In order to get the word out to as many people as possible about the special offer, the company promoted the post on its feed.


        These six Instagram Story uses are hardly the beginning. I’m willing to wager that there are a couple more things you can do using Instagram Stories to improve your content marketing approach.

        Comment below and tell me what you think of the new Instagram feature Stories and how you plan to use it.

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